I guess many of you have wondered why the name Verdure!

Well all though you may never have heard of it before now, and you may even have trouble pronouncing it. It really has the most simple meaning, you see the health and wellness space is pretty crowded, that means there are lots of practitioners out there in all sorts of specialities, so choosing a name was no easy task. I was looking for a name that corresponded with what naturopathy involves and health. You guessed it Vedure is a French word that means the colour green for fresh, healthy plants. The name Vedure signifies to me what herbs and herbal medicine entails and what a good diet should include. Vedure is about my passion of using healthy, green plants to encourage optimal health, providing us with a healthy diet with all the vitamins, minerals and fibre we need. The word is also just a little bit unusual or quirky and I too am just a little bit quirky!

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