I have tried everything, and I can’t lose weight!  This is a quite common complaint I hear clients and social medial followers say.  I want you to know that that it is possible to lose weight and there are reasons that have prevented you from having success in the past.  Our bodies are not all the same, yes they all have the same part and the same hormones and the list goes on.  However, the mind and the body are connected and the two need to work together for you to have success.  For this reason, the one size fits all weight loss approach is often not successful for some of us because we need a more targeted, individualized approach.

It all starts with your why?  You need to identify before you invest in or start a weight loss program what your why is.  This is particularly important as it will be your why that you will reflect on in order to keep you on track throughout your weight loss journey.

Next, you need to know why you have gained weight, this is complex and for many of us it is not as simple as “I eat too much”, as we are commonly led to believe.  For many of my clients, I find this is what they discover in the first few weeks of their weight loss program, and often the underlying driver is the stress that triggers the craving for high carbohydrate foods, and this leads to hormone imbalance and weight gain.

When our body is put under stress, we release cortisol from the adrenal glands, this is our stress hormone.  It then signals the release of other hormones to give us a quick boost of energy for the fight or flight response that we need to respond to.   This process was not designed for the modern life we all live in today.  It was designed for our caveman ancestors to keep them safe from harm. In our modern world, we are constantly triggered by stress and this has significant complications for our health.

High stress leads to the release of cortisol that causes the release of adrenalin; insulin is then released to let sugar into the cells to make energy.  The problem with this is that continually high insulin levels in the blood lead to the insulin receptors become less sensitive to the insulin and this is called insulin resistance.  If you can not make energy from the sugar your body will turn it too fat for storage.  This results in an imbalance of hormones, weight gain, tiredness, fatigue, and inflammation.

This highlights the importance of an individualized approach to weight loss, it is not as simple as calories in and calories out and exercises more as clients often believe.  We must first address the cause and triggers and then achieve weight loss that is consistent and sustainable in the long term.

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