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Ultra Lite Weight Mangement Program

The Ultra Lite Weight Management Program is a ketogenic weight loss program.  However, it is no ordinary ketogenic program, as it is specifically designed to help you achieve safe and effective weight loss.  It is a clean ketogenic program. Now let me explain a little about Ketogenic programs, keto is the new buzz word for weight loss, the internet is swamped with info on keto however they are not all the same.  Many of the keto programs encourage very low levels of carbohydrate, very high fat intake of any kind of fat and high protein intake. In contrast the Ultra Lite program includes only moderate amounts of healthy fats and moderate amounts of lean protein and complex carbohydrate which is controlled to ensure you remain in ketosis. The program is real food based and provides education to help you learn the skills you need to lose the weight and keep it off.  We also offer a maintenance program that will assist you to learn how to maintain your weight over time and keep it off long-term.  Discounts are offered to you if you need to do multiple programs in order to achieve your goal weight.  Whilst you are on the program you have weekly coaching by a qualified natural health practitioner to help keep you accountable to yourself, so you achieve your goal.

We offer 5 week and 10-week programs and affordable payment plans are also available, health fund rebates are also available for this program