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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program a ketogenic diet? 

On the Shake It weight loss program, you have a choice you can follow a ketogenic diet or a low fat diet your naturopath / nutritionist will guide you on the correct program for your body type.

Are there meal plans I can use?

Yes, definately you will receive ketogenic meal plans or low fat meals plans depending on your prefered weight loss plan.

What support do I get whilst I am on the Shake It weight management program?

You will have a weekly consultation with your naturopath / nutritionist.  This may be online / virtual or face to face depending on your circumstances.

What resourses will I have to help me on my weight loss journey?

You will be provided with a kit that has everything you require to complete your first six week intensive phase.  This will include your choice of shake flavours, a beautiful recipe book, program guide, shaker, shopping list, meal plans, access to the shake-it website and much more....

Can anyone do the program?

Your naturopath will assess your suitability and safety for a weight loss program, this is simply and will not cost you anything if the time is not yet right for you to undertake a weight loss plan.

How do I get started?

It's easy to get started simply click here to book your appointment and your naturopath will send you your motivation profile to complete this will ensure you have set goals to acheive and begin with your focus on success.

Are you feeling like you just can keep control of your weight and no matter what you do you cant stop the kilo's increasing each time you get on the scales.  Well Shake it is for you!  Shake it is a practioner only weight loss program, this means you have a qualified naturopath / nutritionist helping and guiding you through your weight loss journey.  Shake it is based on whole foods and you will not feel hungry on the program.  The program has three phases and is based on research.

When you join the Shake It community you will receive everything you need to complete the first 6 weeks (phase 1) of the weight loss program.  The weight loss program is affordable and payment plans are available if required.

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