Initial Consultation

Are you feeling tired, low on energy or is your weight increasing and you don’t know why.  This is the perfect appointment to get to the bottom of what is causing your body to react in this way.  My service is the best solution to relieve you of your symptoms.


This is a 60 minute consultation, during this time I will complete an indepth assessment of your health and nutrition status provide the information you need to be able to decisions regarding your health.


$170 (excludes testing, herbs and supplements)

Follow Up Consultation

This naturopath consultation is only available if you are a current client of Verdure Naturopathy.  The aim of this consultation is to provide you an effective treatment plan and monitor your progress over time.  So that you can heal and get back to your optimal wellness and feel happy.


This consultation is a 30 minute consultation and is for clients who have already had an initial consulation.  This is not a suitable appointment for a client has not been to Verdure Naturopathy before


$70 (excludes testing, herbs and supplements.)

Super Saver Package

This package is designed to provide you with all the consultations you should require over a 3 month period, this is to save you money and ensure you are fully committed to your treatment plan.  


This package includes three consultations, your initial consultation and two follow up consultations.  Naturopathy requires time to get the results you need.  So it makes sense to ensure that you have a package of consultations that provide the consultations you require to make it affordable and easy to continue with your recommended treatment.


$270 (save $40) (excludes, testing, herbs and supplements)

Weight Loss Program

The Shake it Program is a personalised weight management program designed to your health goals and needs.  .  


The program is offered as a 10 week program and you can continue on to your goal weight beyong this for just $35 per week. Your initial program includes all a kit with every thing you need to complete your 10 week program with no other costs.


$899 (includes kit and 10 consultations)

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