Did you wake up this morning and drag yourself out of bed, feeling like you have not slept for a week and wondering why you can sleep all night long and still be tired.

I am Jodi Campbell I am a naturopath and former nurse, who knows this feeling very well! I work with women who are experiencing hormonal dysfunction and have lived lives of stress and trauma.

I can show you how to take control of your hormones naturally so you can feel more in control and feel happy and balanced in life.

I am just like you I have experienced many traumas in my life the first being a very young age of approximately 21/2 years old when my father was in a major trucking accident, it was then just less than 2 years later I was with my mum when she was bathing us all and as a little 4 years old my memories are so clear I remember mum drying my baby sister and my three sisters and I getting dried when my uncle arrived and asked my mum to sit down he had something to tell her and she broke down crying because she was just told her 19-year-old brother had just died in a car accident. Life went on and even more, serious traumas of abuse occurred when I was 8 years old. I am now 48 years old and as life has gone on more trauma and stress have occurred. As I am strong and determined I would keep on pushing myself through daily life until one day in my stressful job I just could not cope anymore. Bullying and harassment at works were now in my eyes no longer what I deserved and I finally took said enough is enough that day I finished work 12 months ago so damaged and broken I simply could not return, still to this day the mere thought of working as an employee makes me feel physically ill. I am sharing my story not for any bodies pity we all experience trauma and stress to varying degrees we all have a “story” I am sharing it because I know many of you are living a very similar story, and if my story can help others to see there is life after trauma my job is done.

The effect this has had on my life is so deep, it is at a subconscious level it has caused patterns of behaviors that are destructive and dangerous. I have been overweight almost all of my life, I have hated my body, I was jealous of others because they had everything I couldn’t have. I chose a career of caring that caused even more damage and my self-esteem was so low but I kept a facade that made it look like I had it all together. It was so far from the truth. My health was extremely poor by the time I reached 35 I was diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance and became pre-diabetic, in chronic pain, developed an autoimmune disease, and had ruptured and bulging discs in my back. My health was a mess and I felt even more tortured. There was no fun in my life and belief that I was not deserving of any.

What I know now is that my health problems were not my fault although they exist in my body they were the result of my body being put under extraordinary stress from a lifetime of stress and trauma that nobody should have to live with. Unfortunately, no one teaches us how we can love and nurture our body to protect it from the effects of trauma.

The trauma and stress I endured had led to my body being in a constant state of stress response so my adrenal glands were pumping out so much cortisol, my hypothalamus was constantly producing adrenaline because I was needing to keep safe from danger. The adrenaline was causing my body to have constantly high levels of glucose in my blood and restricted peripheral blood supply so I could keep alert and fight and run when needed. My gut shut down and stopped digesting my food properly, so I did not have the nutrients I need to supply the cells with the correct nutritional balance. The constantly high levels of sugar in my bloodstream then lead to my insulin resistance and probably the polycystic ovarian syndrome although research is currently unsure why this occurs. I then found my weight extremely hard to control, I was constantly hungry because I needed more energy than most people because I needed to fight and run constantly. My mood was constantly sad, and I was hypervigilant on guard all the time. I was also not so nice of a person because I could snap and be argumentative because the world was not so nice to me and needed to protect myself. As you can see this is very destructive and for anyone living this type of life it is absolutely exhausting and you will find yourself in a trauma loop and unable to break the cycle very easily.

Well I have the good news there are answers there are ways you can take control and I have developed a framework to help my clients to overcome these challenges it is called the:


REDUCE: Stop eating processed high carbohydrate foods, alcohol, and drinks, recognize stress in your life & reduce it this may be through getting help and learning strategies to manage it effectively, professional counseling is always a good step.

REPLACE: start eating whole foods and replace your drinks with water and herbal teas.

ROUTINE: begin to plan a daily routine for your life right it down and do it every day, meditate + exercise + eat well + play well + work well = living well.

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