Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a common reproductive health condition for women. It has become increasingly common with an increase in the consumption of a highly-processed diet. The condition is characterized by an increase in the male hormone testosterone. This leads to a combination of symptoms that include jawline facial acne, facial hair, multiple cysts on the ovaries, and weight gain. Frequently these symptoms co-exist with insulin resistance caused by high blood sugar levels. Often you may also experience depression due to the effects of the condition. PCOS has significant effects on a woman’s life, and many women will also experience fertility issues related to the condition. The physical changes that directly affect appearance have a significant impact and often result in mood changes.

Stress has a significant impact on PCOS and the development of the condition. Stress causes an increase in the production of cortisol from the adrenal glands and this causes an increase in the production of adrenalin. This leads to increase blood sugar levels and an increase in the release of insulin. Eventually, the receptors on the cells become less sensitive to the insulin and it is this that causes insulin resistance. At this time, it is still not fully understood how this causes PCOS.

The naturopathic approach to treating PCOS is to restore balance in the body by treating the cause. As a naturopath, I make it a priority to make my clients aware of the relationship between stress and health and include stress management in the treatment plan, so clients can sustainably learn how to reduce their stress, and become aware of how stress affects them. If a client has a history of long-term trauma and or stress it may also be important to explore other complementary services or psychology services that will help the client to gain a toolbox of skills that can help to take some control over their mental health.

As a naturopath the next important goal is to help the client to understand and identify how their diet may be impacting their condition by fully assessing their nutritional status, identifying the client’s goals for their health, and helping them understand the steps they need to take to improve their insulin sensitivity. As a naturopath, I feel it is important to help clients to learn how to enjoy a variety of foods that will provide enjoyment and avoid the need for yoyo dieting. So, my clients can feel like they can follow a healthy eating plan long-term and achieve a sustainable and healthy weight range.

Lastly, as a naturopath, Jodi provides a variety of treatments that may involve herbs that may provide beneficial effects in balancing hormones. Herbal therapy for hormonal imbalances has been used for thousands of years successfully. Herbal therapy is gentle and affordable usually has minimal side effects, Jodi can provide a herbal therapy script that will help to balance your hormones. You don’t usually need to take herbal remedies long-term as Jodi will monitor and provide options to reduce your herbal remedies throughout your treatment. The aim is that eventually, your diet will provide all the nutrients you should require. However, there are times that nutrients can be very effective, and Jodi will assess your diet and help you to identify the best treatment options short term and long term.

At Verdure Naturopathy I really enjoy helping women to manage PCOS naturally feeling empowered and in control of their health choices. If you would like to find out more about how natural medicine can help you with your stress and trauma or how Jodi Campbell can assist you with PCOS or any other women’s health or hormonal issues please visit www.verdurenaturopathy.com.au or phone 0408356044. Jodi offers free telephone advice to help you find the right support for you and your health problem and if she cannot assist, she will provide a contact for someone who may be able to assist.