I am super excited to share with you all my PCOS Balance Program.  This program is designed by a naturopath and delivered by myself, it is only for women who have PCOS.  You will know who you are!  I have created this program due to my own experiences with PCOS.  I was diagnosed with PCOS by my gynecologist at 32 yrs, before that, I had never heard of it and just thought my weight gain, acne and irregular periods were due to well I really didn’t know what to be honest.  My diet was an ordinary Aussie diet, with loads of carbs and heaps of potatoes and meat.  I had no idea that my body could not tolerate carbs in excess, and although I was a registered nurse I thought that insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes only happened to older people. So you could say when I got this diagnosis of this thing called PCOS, I was just a little confused.

Well within a couple of years I was pre-diabetic the Metformin (medication for insulin resistance) was no longer working and my gyneacologist said, I will refer you to an endocrinologist because I can’t control your insulin levels.  That was the start of my wellness journey, 18 years ago.  The endocrinologist informed me that I was pre-diabetic, the only way to improve it was to lose weight.  I still had no idea why I was putting on weight you see I didn’t really overeat and I didn’t understand what I should eat.  Fast forward to today 18 years later and I am generally healthy, I reversed my pre-diabetes and remain free of diabetes thank goodness, all though my risk factors remain high.  I have so far prevented it, congratulations to me for being persistent.

So how does this all link into my PCOS Balance program, I know that what many of you require is information and tools to be able to make the right decisions.  That coupled with accountability is a recipe for success.  So the program is a 12-week program it needs to be because your condition is long-term and chronic in nature and you need to learn and make new habits and that takes time.  It is online so you have easy access to complete the program from your own home or where ever you may be at the time, as long as you have a computer with internet access you will be able to get started.

The 12 weeks are chunked down into three main wellness areas, Mind, Body & Environment and there are 4 lessons in each of these areas one for each week.  You also receive weekly recipes, meal plans & shopping lists that are specifically designed for PCOS.  Don’t stress though it is real food and the whole family can eat if you choose.  The meals are just selected with your special nutrient requirements in mind.

As you progress through the 12 weeks you will learn all about PCOS and how it affects your body and most of all you will learn how to get your weight down naturally, how to increase your insulin sensitivity, and how to stay well in the long term and prevent the complications that PCOS can cause to your health.

You will have an initial assessment consultation so I can get to know you and your health, so we can set you up on the program and get you started.  Then you will meet as a group with others on the program to chat about your weekly topic.  You can get all your questions answered in the group and if you have any personal questions you will have access to my messenger or email to send me specific questions you may need to be answered.  This program is designed to balance your blood sugar, reduce your excess androgen (male hormone) levels and get your health back on track and help you learn how to sustain your success long-term.

If you would like to learn more about PCOS Balance please feel free to call me on 0408356044 or book a FREE 30 discovery call here.