So, with so much information on the news and in the media regarding the coronavirus, I feel there is a lot of fear and miss understanding nothing could make this more obvious than the prepping behaviors of hoarding toilet paper. People are panicking and the media and social media are feeding this with miss information.

The facts yes there is a virus that has originated in China and has spread throughout the world very quickly. Yes, there are people who have died from the virus. The virus has also disrupted travel between countries, and this is having a major impact on the economies of countries and the world. It really is time to see this with some level of clarity and respect. Firstly, those we should be listening to are no those friends, neighbors, or family. We need to ensure that we listen to those who have the knowledge and education to understand the risks. I have been personally and professionally puzzled by the response to this virus as the statistics we are seeing in the media simply do not add up with the drastic responses that are being taken. We are being very reactive to this situation and it is disappointing especially for Australia when we are all still adjusting to the outcome of the fires that have burned for months and have only recently been put out. With that comes massive trauma for our communities to deal with let alone feeling fearful of another threat to our lives and economy.

My personal and professional opinion is as follows this virus is unique as we have never seen it before, it is new, it causes severe respiratory illness in some people and others can carry it with no symptoms (this is concerning as it makes isolation very difficult). However the death rate does not appear at this stage to be as high as the flu, any death is sad but in reality, we will always have people in our community at a higher risk of death due to other health problems this is unavoidable and the risk of infection whether it be viral or bacterial is a fact of living it is unavoidable if we are living.

So it would appear that the best option for all of us and should be the option we all practice at all times to protect our health is to ensure our health is good and this will reduce our risk of becoming a host for a viral or bacterial infection. I have some simple tips.

  • Hand washing is crucial always before eating, after toileting, before cooking, after touching things in public and the list could go on and on.
  • Face masks are not reliable they also will not protect your eyes or your skin, so they are not recommended.
  • If you are unwell you should stay at home this is the recommendation for all communicable diseases. Going to work, school, or shopping is knowingly spreading a communicable disease this is not fair on others. As we have phones, internet, and delivery services these days there really is no reason that people should go out when sick unless they are needing medical services.
  • If someone in your family gets sick try to protect yourself and the rest of the family from an infection you can do this by using the dishwasher to wash dishes as it gets hot and kills the bacteria. Using hand sanitizer, wiping services regularly, preventing close physical contact. Not sharing drinks or cutlery.

How to support your immune system:

  • Ensure you drink plenty of water
  • Eat a diet of a variety of fresh whole foods, including vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, grains, and fruits.