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As You Face Menopause, Consider Verdure Naturopathy

Menopause is a completely natural passage of life. Just because it is completely natural does not mean it is always easy. You probably already know this first hand! Sometimes menopause symptoms can feel downright miserable. At Verdure Naturopathy you will find support for this stage of your life and natural cures and treatments that help you find comfort in your body even through hormonal changes. We have two convenient locations to serve you best and we also offer online consultations if needed.

If you are dealing with some of the more negative elements of menopause, you may find you benefit from a quality menopause clinic. Hormonal imbalances can make any stage of life much harder to deal with emotionally and physically. We meet women from all walks of life and of all ages who are dealing with hormonal imbalances that make them feel out of sorts and in intense physical pain. If you are dealing with hot-flashes, anxiety, menstrual cramps, depression, anger, weight gain, hair loss, or any other symptoms that you cannot explain and no longer want to tolerate, come in for a consultation. We are your first choice naturopathy Melbourne clinic!

If your main menopause symptom is simply difficulty keeping weight off as you age, ask about our weight loss program. This program is unlike any other weight loss program you've been in. We focus on healthy ketogenic choices, and cater the plan to your specific needs, while addressing your specific hormonal imbalances with natural medicine. No matter which menopause symptoms you are most unhappy with, we will help you find a new balance in your life and ease the pain and discomfort.

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