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Massage Therapist

A Massage Therapist Can Be Good For Your Whole Health System.

Some people see a good massage as a way to relax and reward oneself after a hard week. This is true but a massage can be so much more, a massage has various physical and mental health benefits that most people do not realize.

Health Benefits That a Visit to a Massage Therapist Can Bring:
* Increased Circulation – Increased circulation is beneficial for all body systems and a good massage at the hands of a professional massage therapist can increase circulation to improve healing and overall wellness.
* Decreased Depression Symptoms – Human touch, even in a medical setting, even platonic, has powerful antidepressant properties. We are a species that craves touch and regular massage is known to reduce depression.
* Reduced Inflammation – Inflammation is a leading cause of chronic pain. Regular massages can reduce inflammation and reduce your painful flare ups.
* Less Pain, With Less Pain Pills – If you suffer from chronic pain flare-ups or if you are just hurting from a recent injury or overworking a muscle group a session with a massage therapist can reduce your pain levels without you needing to take a pill.