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If you live in the Shepparton area your alternative health care needs can be met by naturopath Jodi Campbell.  If you have health problems that you are looking for an alternative approach to manage Jodi can help you find the cause and design treatment that is personalised to your needs.  Consultations in Shepparton can help you with any of the following health issues:

·       Menopause

·       Allergy

·       Skin conditions

·       Weight Management

·       Hormonal Imbalance

·       Chronic pain

·       Arthritis 

·       Blood sugar problems

·       Autoimmune conditions

·       Gastric Reflux

·       Gut health and much more!

Address: 10 Varcoe St, Shepparton Vic 3630

Jodi has 28 years experience in healthcare she is a registered nurse and naturopath, she has the knowledge and skills to assist you with your health in a safe and effective manner.  Her unique approach provides a balance between alternative medicine and western medicine.  

Services available at Shepparton include:

·       Ultra lite weight management program

·       Naturopathic consulting

·       Pathology testing

·       Allergy testing including 500 item hair testing