Sugar has long been known as a highly addictive substance. The reason for this is because the more sugar we consume the more dopamine receptors we create that lead to the constant cravings for sugar many of experience.

If you are a sweet tooth and find yourself craving the quick sugar fix there are many good reasons why you should consider reducing your sugar intake or even quitting it for good if you are up for the challenge.

Refined sugar is found in many of our foods and also is found in some foods that we are told are good for us also so it pays to read labels and be aware of exactly where the sugar is coming from in your diet. Amazingly when checking labels I have found sugar in things I would never expect, nut bars, canned soup, liquid stock, pasta sauce, and many other products. So take the challenge next time you do the shopping check the label to see what ingredients are in the product you are purchasing and check the ingredients list for Sugar, you will be shocked by the products you find it in.

The real reason why sugar is in many of our foods. At university, I remember my physiology lecturer telling us that food manufactures know that there are three tastes that make food increasingly desirable these three tastes are salt, fat and sweet. So they work to combine foods to include two of the three to ensure that sales skyrocket. So in short you will find that foods will be high in fat and salt or high in fat and sugar as this is what will make the foods super desirable to our taste buds. Many years ago concerns were raised about fat causing heart disease and it was determined that we should low fat diets so food manufacturers set about producing foods that still taste great but have no fat “fat-free” the only problem was the only way to make these foods still taste great to the consumer was to increase the sugar. We are very lucky this is history and no longer the fact. We can eat good fats now and they are very good for us.

Why are fats good for us? Because good fats are high in omega-three and we need fats to manufacture cell walls and hormones so it makes sense that insufficient good fats in the diet will lead to hormone imbalance. Keep this thought I will do a blog post on this next.

Sugar is the topic of discussion tonight, too much sugar causes our liver to be store excess glucose as fat which leads to the fatty liver syndrome. If our liver cannot function effectively it cannot clear toxins and excess hormones this is a major problem if you have to try to improve your hormone balance to improve your mood or regulate your menstrual cycle.

The constant high levels of sugar lead to elevated blood glucose levels and this causes the insulin levels in the blood to be high for prolonged periods eventually leading to insulin resistance as the receptors on the cell wall become less responsive. This is very important because this leads to Type II Diabetes. There are many other problems that high sugar levels cause but these are enough to make it very important to consider lifestyle changes to prevent the onset of chronic disease.

So if you would like to feel, healthier and happier I highly recommend that you consider reducing your sugar intake. This is relatively easy in theory, just cut out all cakes, lollies, biscuits, soft drinks, ice-cream, topping, and anything else that may contain sugar. In actual fact, it is very difficult, and very few succeed at keeping this promise to themselves long term, despite the amazing health benefits it brings.

I recommend that you start slowly talk with your natural health practitioner, begin a program such as the 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge that can help you get inspiration and routine. This program I offer for free just click the link. After completing the program you will be in a better frame of mind to increase your goals and begin to replace sugar with whole food alternatives. The aim is not to go without or feel deprived as you wanting to do this long term you need to make it enjoyable long term, not a quick fix. If you are then ready to take the next leap you can consider my 7 Day Hormone Health Reset program in order to cleanse your liver and get rid of your sugar cravings starting your first steps toward a sugar-free life. If you would like to know more about how you can quit sugar, improve your gut health, or balance your hormones you can visit my website or visit my Facebook page