As a naturopath who specializes in hormone balance and weight loss, I know your body is unique so it only makes sense that some foods you are eating may not be a good fit for your body yet fine for another person’s body.  I love the food compatibility hair test to help my clients identify foods that may not be compatible with their unique body so they can get to the root cause of their health issues and find an easy path to good health and improved wellness.

This is not just another test it is a simple easy wellness program that you can follow for 6 months that allows you to use food as your first medicine.  Natural health practitioners have invested more than 30 years of research and development into this program and the results for our clients are life-changing.

This is not an allergy test; the guiding principle of the program is that when you eat foods that are not compatible with your body it causes your body to not function effectively causing “dis-ease”.  By removing those foods that are not compatible with your body and replacing them with other foods that are compatible you allow your body to rebalance and heal.

So how does the program work? We work out which foods are ok and which ones are not ok for you from a list of 600 foods, personal products, and cleaning products.  You will then remove the foods from the list that are listed in red and include foods in your diet that are in black.  You will follow this for 6 months and every week you will chart your symptoms to discuss with your practitioner during consultations and so you can also track your progress.

The benefits of this program are that you will see a lasting change as the program is individualized to your unique body, rather than a one size fits all approach.  Collection of your hair is simple and easy you can just take a small snip of hair from the rear of your head and place it in a sandwich back you can post to your practitioner or your practitioner will collect it at the time of your consultation.  It is painless takes just a few minutes to complete and the results are usually back within 10 Days.

Who would benefit from this program, the benefits are far and wide as it is a preventative health program it has far-reaching benefits for clients with many different health problems that are far-reaching and it is a way that you can make a simple difference to your health and wellness?

If you would like to know more about the 600 item food compatibility program, you can get all the info you need here.  If you would like to join my Fat 2 Fabulous group for women with hormone imbalance or weight problem’s we would welcome you to join us in the group here.  If you would like a FREE copy of my Loving yourself silly with chocolate recipe book you can download your very own copy here