Do you feel you have tried everything, yet your body still has a different focus from what you would like to create? It probably feels more like you are fighting with your body constantly…

You are in the right place, you are not alone, there are many of us who experience this. Our bodies are overly complex chemistry machines and they have thousands of biochemical processes going on all the time, as we interact with the external environment to keep a state of balance. This is all so you can live comfortably with the constant stimuli that come from the external environment. What we see, hear, feel all-cause emotions, and feeling these then trigger chemical reactions in the body. The same as what we eat and drink will trigger chemical reactions to occur within the body that lead to the release of chemicals and hormones to produce digestive juices, to break down food, determine absorption requires and make hormones and chemicals the body requires to function effectively.

My name is Jodi Campbell, I am a Naturopath and former nurse and I see myself as primarily a health coach. As I don’t fix people, I simply provide the knowledge and the skills that a client is lacking to help them to solve their problem so their body can heal. It is rewarding to help people learn about their health and their body so they can achieve wellness. I work with clients during face-to-face consultations, in group settings, online, and provide programs online to help clients access reliable health and wellness information easily and when they choose where ever they choose to. My Facebook page is a great place to start if you are looking for health and wellness info to help yourself or a family member.

So, I can really relate to today’s topic because I am a woman who has had problems with hormonal imbalance for most of my adult-like. You see I did not have any problems with conceiving or pregnancy, but I struggled with my weight. I had difficulty taking oral contraception due to it causing an altered mood. Hence, I stopped taking it as the side effects and the effect that had on my life. It was not long after I had my children that I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), then only a short time later My thyroid was causing me issues and I found out I had Hashimotos Thyroiditis. So, my hormones were causing me all sorts of chronic pain, fatigue and most recently I suspect Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. I am now in perimenopause and let us say the last few years have not been very enjoyable with menstrual flooding a major problem, increased anxiety, and now hot flushes. Our mums do not tell us about their transition to menopause the only thing I remember my mum mentioning was hot flushes and even then, she did not talk much about it. However, all this sounds pretty awful, but I want to share with you we do have choices and it really can be managed naturally with good effect.

Firstly, I always recommend that you keep your GP in the loop, it is important and sometimes even to have a referral to a gynecologist, so you know your options fully. The more information you have the easier it is to make well-informed decisions about your health. However I do recommend that you approach advice as just that, your body is yours and it should be only you who makes the decisions about your body and what is right for you. Just because someone has a medical degree does not give them the right to take your right to choose away. So today I am going to share with you some little secrets that I have used to save my uterus! This was important to me because I feel my uterus is mine and a part of my femininity and the thought of a hysterectomy was not something I could accept easily. Of course, if there was a more serious concern or risk to my health, I would have to accept it by not transitioning to menopause.

The first step I took was to change to using a menstrual cup as my flow would soak through pads and tampons and I would soil my clothing and the furniture. It was affecting my life and my work; I was embarrassed and at that time of the month I would not want to go out because I knew I could not contain the flow. I also looked at my diet and decided that a full keto program was not good for me as I suspected it was increasing my bleeding, so I increased unprocessed carbohydrates in my diet. The outcome was it worked! For the first time in a long-time, I could go out and not be frightened of soiling myself and someone else’s furniture. It was the best feeling in a couple of years it was amazing!

The second step I took was to work on reducing my inflammation to control the hot flushes and in an attempt to control my weight. Although frustrated by my weight I suspect I will actually lose weight after menopause as my mum does as it seems, that is what happens in my family and as I take after my mum I feel it is logical. I reduced my inflammation though avoiding processed foods and enjoying a diet that is full of fresh meat, fish, good fats, fruit, and vegetables. The best thing is it worked, and food is good for us and you do not have to go without you just have to eat real food. Check out my new program to balance hormone health that will be released in the coming weeks. It is a 7-day Hormone health kickstart and will be available fully online. A great way to start cleaning up your diet.

I have been working on reducing stress in my life, which is extremely important for anyone who is experiencing hormonal changes. Stress leads to increased cortisol levels, increased adrenaline release and increase blood sugar levels, and ultimately inflammation. If you can learn to control your stress and deal with it better your health will be so much better for it. We must learn to love ourselves also, we cannot be loved or do what is needed to support our loved ones if we do not love ourselves first. So, treat yourself to that special dress, makeup, massage, or whatever it is that you need to help you accept and love yourself just the way you are.

So, to recap, eat a whole foods diet that is nutrient-dense, exercise regularly, do things that help you to connect with yourself, and learn self-acceptance. Avoid cigarette smoke, alcohol, processed foods, and stress and you will find your transition to menopause may be a little less stressful.

Remember this is a normal and beautiful part of life and we are designed to do this for good reasons. It is now your time to enjoy your family and grandchildren and it should not be a stressful event that so many people are experiencing. If you need support please contact me, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.