Do you know what your medication is doing to your body? For the past two weeks, I have been taking a new medication for anxiety. It’s not working and it was eating away at my energy levels. After some research, I discovered that this particular drug depletes essential nutrients like magnesium and vitamin D3 which can lead to an array of issues such as muscle cramps, constipation, insomnia, low moods, and more.

Prescription medications can deplete your body of essential nutrients, and what is concerning is that most people do not know. They are totally unaware of the effect the medication has on their body or the potential deficiencies that can occur. I often see clients who have commenced medication to fix one health problem and then develop another health problem and this is pure because they have developed a deficiency related to the medication they are taking. Now I want to make this clear, I am not anti-medication, in fact as I am a former nurse, I see the need to have both allopathic and natural medicine, and both can complement each other to improve outcomes for clients. My concern is that clients are never told when prescribed medication of the potential for nutrient deficiency and therefore have no idea what to expect.

The most common nutrient depleted by the prescription medication I see in the clinic is magnesium. This mineral is essential in many processes within our body. Without it our heart cannot function effectively, our muscles cannot function properly, our nervous system is affected with anxiety and low mood often the result. Magnesium also assists with the maintenance of healthy blood glucose balance and much more so as you can see if you are deficient in magnesium you will usually be experiencing a variety of uncomfortable symptoms that are often vague and difficult to attribute to any one thing. eg, constipation, anxiety, palpitations, cramps, headaches, and low energy levels to name just a few.

So the easy solution you may think well just takes some magnesium supplements and yes this is true, however dosing magnesium can also be dangerous, we are talking about a mineral which can affect your heart rate and blood pressure. Do you see a potential problem here? So my recommendation is to always see assistance from a qualified practitioner, yes you can purchase potions over the counter however there are many types of magnesium, how do you know which one will be most appropriately absorbed and best for you? You also need to know which does is going to effective and safe for you to take your practitioner will know this for your particular health problem. So if you do nothing else find a good naturopath who can assist you to correct the deficiencies caused by your medications, this will save you money and time in the future by preventing unnecessary illness.

There are also many other nutrients that are depleted by prescription and nonprescription medications these include vitamin D, vitamin A, B vitamin group, coQ10, and zinc to name just a few. It is reasonable to book an appointment with a naturopath just for checking nutrient status due to medications. If you decide to do this always bring a list of your medications, dose, and strength with you to your appointment and your naturopath will create a treatment plan that will help to correct the imbalances that have been caused by the medication helping to prevent side effects or complications.

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