If you are struggling to lose weight and are a busy mum juggling family and career responsibilities, there is likely little time for selfcare.  Nutrition and food is a last minute thought, often a quick grab and go option that gives you little to know in put into the ingredients will keep you going until the next meal.  When you get everyone home and put dinner on once again a quick option is again the option of choice because you are having no energy left and just need to get dinner on the table quick to get on with the evening routine of settling the family and preparing for tomorrow.  As you think to yourself “ I just wish I could have 5 minutes to myself.”  At the same time, you hear your name called frantically as someone has lost their homework and needs it in tomorrow….  I am sure this is familiar; I know it is because this was me not too long ago.

It was not until I became a naturopath that I realised how dangerous this fast-paced life is for your health and wellbeing.  Learning how to slow this fast-paced life down and take stock of what is important is particularly important, and that means that you need to schedule in time for you and your health and wellness.  Nourishing food is more important than you will ever know and if you are taking care of yourself and ensuring you are putting the right food in your body those who you care for are observing this also and they will learn to do the same.  When children grow up learning balance and good habits, they naturally take on these habits for themselves also this becomes a part of their value set.  You are not being selfish looking after you, you are also showing your children how important you are and how to look after your body.   They will see this and model their choices on what they know to be write as they grow up.

Have you considered that the foods that you have been eating and the personal products that you have been using could actually be leading to the symptoms that are annoying you so much.  If like me you have wondered about this, you are correct.  Yes, for a variety of reasons our body can become sensitive to certain foods, and personal products and we don’t realise because it is so subtle it becomes very difficult to work out just what is causing the problem.

As a Naturopath I use a range of tests to assess the health of my clients, so we can find the cause of their symptoms to help them get their bloating, acne and brain fog under control helping them to lose weight and increase their energy.  The testing required will depend on your symptoms and your wellness goals.  Testing does cost however it provides something tangible for you to connect with rather than feeling unsure if your really have the problem or not.  When we have proof we are often more motivated to make the lifestyle changes that we need to get improvement, because we can clearly see that our current choices have caused harm to our body.

One common test I recommend to my clients is a hair test that tests for sensitivity to 600 foods and personal products.  This test provides a details list of 600 foods and personal items that have been tested against your hair sample, the items that you have reacted to are printed in red.  You then simply remove those foods in red from your diet for 6 months.  Every client I have done this test with has experience improvement, I have clients who have had rashes, coughs, bloating, weight gain and mood changes.  All report positive changes from following the hair test report.  I still get amazed at the results I see from this test.  The best advantage of this test is that it is non invasive it does not hurt in any way and you can easy take your own same and post to me for testing.  This is how my clients participate in the program.  When I receive the sample I forward It to the lab for assessment.

Other tests that I frequently request as a naturopath is the thyroid panel blood test, anti-thyroid anti-bodies, stool samples to assess your unique microbiome, saliva and blood tests for hormone levels, Iron studies, vitamin D and much more.  It is super easy to access testing.  When you have your first consultation with Jodi Campbell Naturopath, I will also request your required testing requirements.

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