Jodi Campbell


I am passionate about helping others with their healt, through understanding the links between trauma and stress, weight gain and illness.  I believe there is too much body shaming in society and its time that a different approach is used to help people acheive wellness.  I am a wife and mum of 3 adult, I love nature and animals with a special love of horses.  I am just a little bit quircky and always willing to think outside the box.

Some more about me

When you work with me you are working with someone who presonally understands your challenges.  I am not a thin person, I am a healthy person.  I carry weight and have struggled with the fact that I didn’t have the build and body that you see in the magazines.  I have a history of trauma, and what I have come to understand is that I have not yet met a medical professional who was able to fully understand the impact that has on your health and weight, and why it is more challenging to get the weight off and keep it off.  My health has been significantly effected by my trauma & prolonged stress.  I understand the need to address gut health issues that you can not treat chronic illness without reducing inflammation.  I understand because, I have real life experience, I not only treat it in my professional life, I have the lived experience.  I am also a former nurse of 30 years and this extensive health knowledge couple with a health degree qualification provides me with and indepth understanding of health and wellness in order to help my clients acheive happiness and hope for a healthier future.

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