Jodi Campbell


My passion is to help others with their health. Assisting trauma survivors to understand the links between trauma, stress, weight gain and chronic disease.  A posative body approach is used to help you acheive wellness and fall in love with your body.  I’m a wife and mum of 3 adult children.  Nature and animals are things that give me joy, I also have a special love of horses.  Something just a little bit quirky about me, I was a bee keeper and I play the bagpipes.

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Experiencing childhood trauma significantly impacts our emotional and physical state, and it is unfair to expect survivors to fit the mainstream measurements of health and wellness.  My truama experience has given me many gifts! The greatest gift being my lived experience as a survivor.  In my experience, I have not yet met a medical professional who was able to fully understand the impact of childhood trauma on health, weight and wellbeing.

On many occassions I have left a health practitioners office feeling worthless due to their lack of understanding.  It is far more challenging for a trauma survivor to get the weight off and keep it off.  Because of my trauma experience my health and wellbeing has been significantly compramised.

Being a former degree qualified nurse of 30 years provides a distinct advantage.  This provides an indepth understanding of the determinates of health and wellbeing.  Providing me with an appreciation of both modern medicine and alternative medicine.  If you are looking for a naturopath who can find the real cause of your health problem.  

Book an appointment today and discover how to be full of energy, inspiration and happy with your health. I will teach you the tools to achieve your optimal health through wellness.

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