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Jodi Cambell, Naturopath

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Welcome to Verdure Naturopathy I have over 28 years experience in the health industry, holding qualifications that include Bachelor of Nursing and Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy.  I help women who are tired of feeling stressed and anxious to gain control of thier weight and hormones. So you fall in love with your beautiful and unique self.

I am a busy mum of 3 adult children, I enjoy sewing, bagpipe playing, gardening and horse riding. I have struggled with my own weight for most of my life.  I fully understand the link between stress, trauma and hormone imbalance.  Having stuggled with my health due to this triad of health problems from a young age and experienced the chronic disease and on going health problems it causes if it is left unchecked.  I became a naturopath due to my own health experience and the limitations of modern medicine to be able to provide answers for my chronic pain and fluctuating health status.  I used naturopathy personally and experienced the difference and have never looked back with the knowledge it has provided me, in understanding the drivers that cause my health problems so I could make lasting change.

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