Weight gain is extremely frustrating for women with hormone imbalance, who try to lose weight.  They often experience little or no results due to a lack of understanding of the reasons they are putting on weight.  This is largely overlooked and not fully understood, and many women are left to experience the long-term health issues that chronic obesity causes.  If you are a busy woman who has struggled with weight issues and suspect the cause is your hormones it is especially important you understand the signs of weight gain associated with hormone imbalance to ensure you can get the help you need.

Here are 7 typical signs of hormonal weight gain every woman should know:

  1. The weight that just does not want to budge regardless of what you try often seen when a plateau is reached if you are following a weight loss program.
  2. Weight gain even weights eating healthy and watching your calories.
  3. Gaining weight only in the hips, thighs, and bottom.
  4. You exercise and still do not lose any weight.
  5. You gain weight in your arms and shoulders.
  6. You have the “muffin top”.
  7. Your weight gain is around your middle/belly.

If you have any of the 7 signs mentioned you are likely gaining weight related to a hormonal imbalance.  Many women feel frustrated because weight gain is just blamed on what they eat and they are told to go on a diet, they go on a diet and find it difficult to lose weight.  This is because the underlying hormone imbalance remains untreated.  The good news is that there are things you can do to help balance your hormones and help with weight loss and as a naturopath, I can assist you to learn how to manage your hormone imbalance so you can lose weight naturally and feel amazing.

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