As a busy woman balancing the challenges of modern life, taking on a weight loss program can feel impossible.  If you are wanting to get improved results and you are looking for a solution that will teach you how to maintain your weight loss long time, I recommend getting a naturopath, nutritionist, or coach to help you hit your goals. Engaging in a structured weight loss or wellness program that includes 1:1 coaching, or group coaching will help to improve your chances of success.

The advantages of a structured weight-loss or wellness program are many, the first is that you have guidance and all the information that is required to help you meet your goals.  You will have a step-by-step format that is set out for you, so you know exactly what to do every single week.  This takes away the unknowns, the program is usually put together by a practitioner that is the skilled and knowledgeable topic of the program giving you the bonus of knowing that the information has been put together in a specific way to maximize your results.

Secondly knowing your why, or your motivation to take on a weight loss program or wellness program is something many of us do not think about and that is why when we hit our first obstacle, we often lose motivation.  A good naturopath or coach will help you to determine your motivation and will make goals around your why that help to ensure you have a focus.

Thirdly your naturopath or coach will keep you motivated and address causes that are blocking your success, the reasons for this can be many varied.  When we embrace a new challenge, we often come into it with loads of enthusiasm and motivation, but as time goes by and challenges present themselves, we lose our motivation.  A common cause is a self-sabotage we forget the good work and achievements that we have experienced along the way and concentrate on the negatives.  Then I am sure you can guess what happens we justify why it did not work, why we should not continue and most of us are very well versed in this cycle.  This is a major reason that people fail to achieve goals.

When you work with me, I am not just your naturopath I am your coach, I will keep you accountable, if you miss an appointment, I will follow you up, if you put on weight instead of losing, we will look at what lead to it.  Not to lay blame but to recognize the triggers so next time you will be ready to react differently, being one step closer to success.

I hear all the time that “diets do not work”, and it is truly a diet on its own is only as good as the commitment of the person who is using it.  All diets will work for you, if they are followed correctly and if there is sustainable and long-term lifestyle change implemented over time.  The secret is mindset there is no easy answer to weight loss.  There is no one perfect diet, the two most important components of weight loss are nutrition and mindset it is as simple as this.

Working with a qualified professional has benefits that are amazing, they have knowledge that you do not have they can use that knowledge to assist you on your journey to success and the qualified professional is also your coach.  They are your guiding light, they hold your hand and steer you back on track when you deviate, they hold you accountable to yourself and your dreams, so if you are looking for a weight loss or wellness program you need to ensure that there is coaching included who is a qualified practitioner.

If you enjoyed reading my blog and you have been struggling with hormone imbalance and or weight gain and you would like to lose weight sustainably and safely, I would love to chat with you.  I love helping people to achieve wellness and feel their best you can reach out to me by messenger on Facebook here, or you can book a FREE 30-minute consultation here.