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Welcome to Verdure Naturopathy

The Journey to Wellness...

At Verdure Naturopathy we veiw health as a journey that requires internal balance within the body.  We assist our clients to acheive this by providing natural treatments that have a scientific base.  These include herbal treatments and nutritional treatment approaches that provide support to the systems of the body, promoting healing and harmony from within leading to overall wellness.


Complementary Health Treatments

Ultra Lite Weight Mangement Program

The Ultra Lite Weight Management Program is a naturopathic designed program that is safe and effective.  The program is a ketogenic program that limits carbohydrate consumption and promotes moderate protein and fat intake.  The program is real food based and provides education to help clients learn the skills they need to lose the weight and keep it off long term. 

We offer 5 week and 10 week programs and payment plans are available, health fund rebates are also available for this program


Naturopathy involves comprehensive health assessment to find the cause of your health issue, we then aim to use natural treatments to allow your body to restore its natural balance.  Natural medicine is gentle and effective using food, herbs, vitamins and minerals  to restore health.  Conditions that we regularly treat include menopause, hormonal changes and weight managment / weight loss.  The focus on treating the cause of your health problem produces outcomes for clients such as reducing hot flushes, gastro intestinal upset, anxiety and fatigue, thus improving energy levels, sleep, mood and libido.

Food Intolerances

So "We Realy Are What We Eat"  it is just like your car if you put the wrong fuel in your are likely to not work properly! At Verdure Naturopathy we believe that food and our environment has a significant impact on our health, so we use a hair test to identify foods that may not be compatible with your body.  This is a simple hair test that provides a comprehensive list of 500 food items, personal hygeine products and household products, hi-lighting those foods and personal care products that may be affecting your health causing discomfort such as bloating, constipation, skin reactions, coughs, sneezing, itching, fatige and much more.  This may assist you to identify possible food intolerance and help you to choose food and personal products that are better fit for your unique body.

Our diet also has a significant impacton our hormones and can lead to problems with the metabolism of our hormones and hormone imbalance.  Many women experience issues with their menstrual cycle and menopause and this can be a direct result of poor nutrition.  Why not contact me today on 0408356044 for a FREE Health Appraisal.

Health Shake

Massage Therapy

The therapeutic benefits of massage therapy has long  been used in the management of health conditions.  The benefits include stimulating circulation and removal of toxins, reducing inflammation and pain including stress reduction which has many benefits in the management of chronic disease.  At Verdure Naturopathy we offer a therapeutic massage service to our clients.



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