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Weight Loss, Wellness & Happiness

Verdure Naturopathy


My mission is to be of service to others who have experienced stress and trauma during their life.  So they can lose weight, improve their energy and feel confident, happy and excited about their life and their future.”


I’m Jodi Campbell, Naturopath

Welcome to Verdure Naturopathy, I’m a naturopath and enjoy working with my clients so they can have wellness and happiness in their lives.   I have personally experienced the effects of trauma and stress on my health and enjoy assisting others so you too can reduce the affects of trauma and stress on your health.   I am also an experienced nurse.  I am a mum of 3 and love spending time with my family.  I love nature, sewing, gardening and horse riding.  I have recently started learning the bagpipes and floristry.

What I Do


If you are experiencing a change in your health, or perhaps you just need health check, or you are unwell and need something to fix it now.  I provide short and long consultations, depending on your needs, I create a treatment plan that will include diet and lifestyle advice including; nutritional changes, herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, a range of testing options and referrals. All with the aim of getting you on the track to wellness and happiness.

Weightloss Program

I offer the SHAKE IT WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, this is an easy program to follow allowing clients to get to lose weight, acheive wellness and happiness.  The program is a structured program that focuses on health and wellbeing using wholefoods and helping you to identify the real cause of your weight gain.  Yes, you can eat on this program, its not about going without and feeling isolated.  This program is about learning to love and appreciate the beautiful you, learning your triggers and becoming mindful eater.

Guest Speaker

Are you an employer or lead a group or club then you may be interested in engaging my guest speaker services.  I provide guest speaking and programs for small to medium size groups and can structure a presentation or workshop to meet your organisations needs.  I offer a range of interesting topics that will engage and motivate your staff or members.


Why the name Verdure!

I guess many of you have wondered why the name Verdure! Well all though you may never have heard of it before now, and you may even have trouble pronouncing it. It really has the most simple meaning, you see the health and wellness space is pretty crowded, that means...

Battling Weight Gain During Menopause

Weight gain especially in the waist line and thighs is the major problem of menopause that most women experience. Women may put on weight in their middle ages due to changes that occur, caused by menopause. There are several causes for this. Some women find exercise...


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